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This what our customers think of our tuition services.

C.M. from New York City says

"International Drivers Services is the route to take"

"I am a very satisfied client of International Drivers Services who has redefined the definition of "Long Term." As a New Yorker of 16 years, I intially thought I could live in Central London sans car. Only too late, when my year of driving on my U.S. license was up, did I realize my famiy would benefit from owning a car and me being able to legally drive in the U.K. when we travelled. I embarked on my driver training with trepidation which slowly dissolved as my confidence rose.

My training was excellent: direct, to the point, but sympathetic when I needed it. And only moderately humiliating. It was also surprisingly enjoyable, particularly when I was introduced to an excellent green grocer outside of London and when my instructor bargained down the salesman on the price of mangoes in an Indian neighborhood I asked to see.

With 20/20 hindsight, my two mistakes were waiting too long to start training and, equally idiotic, insisting on learning on a manual. I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO MY INSTRUCTOR. After building the company a villa in Antibes, I realized I should have learned on an automatic to begin with. It is a much easier and cheaper route to a license and it makes no sense to own a gear car in Central London with the traffic jams. International Drivers Services is the route to take."

C.M. (New York City)


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