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Getting your UK Driving Licence

You can use your foreign driver's license or an International Driving Permit for up to 12 months (1 year maximum) in the UK. New Residents who hold foreign licences which are not acceptable for exchange must pass the UK driving test within 12 months (1 year maximum). This includes taking the actual written test, a driving test and an eye test.

Further information can be obtained and confirmed in the D100 form available from any main Post Office.

Application Forms

Your local Post Office will have the application forms for a 'Provisional UK Driving License which has to be obtained 'FIRST' . The form that is required is a D1. It is also recommended that you check the current foreign licence against the list of Countries mentioned on the form to see if one can exchange or have to sit the necessary 'Driving Test' this form is the D100. There will be other forms to fill when applying for the written and driving tests but this cannot be done until one has obtained the UK 'PROVISIONAL DRIVING LICENCE' first.

All applications forms and training manuals/aids are available from IDS as part of the Foreign Driver Package.

Finding a Driving School

Many overseas drivers find it very helpful to take at least the first 2 hours assessment from a driving school before taking the driver's test. Driving schools are listed in the Yellow pages, but be sure that the instructor is a 'Department of Transport' Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) or New Driving Instructor (NDI). They will help you to understand how the driving test will be administered and take you on the road(s) used by examiners for a practice drive.

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