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Driving Tips for January 2009
This month's Driving Tip is provided by Mrs C.C from Surrey (Georgia, USA)

Allow plenty of time to secure the UK driver's license. Not only is the UK driving system different but the bureaucracy involved in getting a license is quite different than other countries. All together, depending on how you organize your paperwork submission, commit to a study schedule, allow for written test booking availability, locate a driving instructor who has time in his/her schedule to teach you (especially difficult if you
want to use automatic transmission for your test), take as many driving lessons as you feel you need, book a road test date and ultimately pass the exam, it will take a minimum of one month to complete the process. In reality allow 2 months.

When applying for your provisional license, if you do not wish to put your passport in the mail and wait two weeks to get it back you may take the required paperwork to one of the DVLA locations where officials will sign off that you have shown the correct identification. The authorities will then forward your paperwork to the office granting you the provisional license.

And don't forget the system MSM. Use your mirrors before you signal people.

Good luck in the preparation to all for 2009.
If you have any useful driving tips to give other IDS pupils, please email these to us at info@internationaldriversservice.com


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